Harts TipTop Flash
"The worlds most beautiful medicine hat stallion"
Geboren in 1993 USA

85 cm European

Gekeurd bij het NMPRS 2010

met een


Splashed White & Tobiano
Sire of over 45 AMHA registered foals,Bond Chauncey grandson and sire of quality and color, his foals are winning halter and driving horses and his daughters are valued broodmares for their owners. This horse is one of a kind and there is no other like him! Exotic head, extremely long, upright neck with a laid back shoulder that he passes on (no bow out under the neck like many you see), exceptional movement. Virtually a 100% conception rate every year, Flash knows his job and gets it done. A prolific color sire too if you are looking to add wild pinto color patterns to your herd. Flash is tobiano and splashed white and passes color on to nearly every foal. An AMHA National Top 10 Amateur Sr Stallion with many wins in Halter, Driving, Liberty and Jumping. 
* AMHA National Top 10 Amateur Senior Stallion
* Multiple Grand Champion Senior Stallion
* International Sire
* World Champion Sire






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